Private Sessions

Joseph Pilates insisted that his work to be learned through one-on-one sessions. These effective way to learn Pilates, as sessions are tailored to clients needs and goals.

***NEW CLIENT SPECIAL (2 for 1) $95.00

This is a perfect opportunity to give our studio and instructors a try!!!!!



1 Private session: $95.00

8 Private session package$720.00

12  Private session package: $1020.00

* **New Client Special is for one time only use / new students only. Students must be a seasonal or full time resident of South Florida.

All packages expire in 30 days. 


A good option for partners of equal Pilates training and physically compatible. Must be approved by an instructor.

1 Duet session: $65.00 (per person) 
8 Duet session package: $520.00 
12 Duet session package: $780.00

All packages expire in 30 days. 

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